The Growth Sauce

34% increase in yearly revenue for Petrebels through data-driven marketing

Petrebels Intro:

Meet Petrebels, where the world of cat imagination comes to life! Petrebels specializes in the sale of cat trees, cat shelves, scratching barrels and cat litter, mainly active in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium, extending with B2B. Their target audience consists of cat lovers seeking more than just accessoires for their pets; they aim for functionality for their furry companions. 

Petrebels USPs:

 What sets Petrebels apart is the top quality of materials and innovative designs that appeal to both cats and their owners. With a focus on the best materials, style, and  the well-being of the cat. To understand this, we delved into in-depth conversations, discovering what Petrebels does, what they stand for, and the goals they pursue. Essential to achieving our objectives. 

Case Study Summary:

 In our case study, we delve deeper into how we strategically increased the marketing objectives for Petrebels. We utilized the striking Unique Selling Points (USPs) to appeal to the target audience and increase engagement. By aligning our marketing approach with the unique features that distinguish Petrebels, we enhanced the brand’s success, increased visibility, strengthened customer loyalty, and ultimately boosted revenue. Throughout the course of our efforts, we acquired substantial additional revenue.I’ll be breaking down exactly how we did it so you can follow the process yourself which almost guarantees you more revenue

Their Webshop Goal

In our discussions with Petrebels, we uncovered the ambitious nature of their goals. Rather than solely presenting our approach, we delved deeper, seeking to understand THEIR strategy for achieving these objectives. By aligning our perspectives, we aimed to establish a connection between our insights and theirs, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the challenges they face and identifying potential opportunities within the company.

Our Approach:


1. Analyze and Measure. First you have to understand the right audience and metric for Petrebels. Gathering primary and secondary data sets which include consumer behavior, purchase history, order values along with various marketing channels involved. 


2. Identify Opportunities. By looking at the opportunities we had a chance by improving Google Ads in terms of bidding, targeting, campaign structure and setting up new campagnes. Enhancing the website to elevate both conversion rates and user experience marks the initial phase of our optimization efforts. Starting on a new trajectory, we are implementing Email marketing automations to streamline communication and engagement. Additionally, we are strategically integrating thoughtfully created seasonal elements into our approach.


3. Implement: A) In our Google Ads strategy, we identified a gap in missing keywords. On thorough keyword research, we discovered new opportunities, allowing us to launch targeted campaigns and effectively bridge that gap. This approach yielded positive short-term growth. Additionally, we innovatively introduced Performance Max campaigns, incorporating strategic adjustments that met our performance expectations. To further capitalize on seasonal trends, we seamlessly integrated seasonality into selected Performance Max campaigns, generating favorable results in areas previously untapped. In addition, we undertook a comprehensive optimization of the entire account structure, fine-tuning both landing pages and ad copy for enhanced performance.

175% Conversions

104% Clicks

32% Conv. Rate 

B) Everyone aims for top positions with highly searched keywords, and who can blame them? It translates to increased traffic and more revenue. Petrebels’ initial SEO efforts were commendable, but there were untapped opportunities on the table. One area for improvement was the website’s page speed, which didn’t meet Google’s standards or user expectations. Collaborating with the developers, we successfully addressed this issue. Additionally, we identified opportunities to enhance the overall structure of the site, including the organization of web pages and URLs. To guide this process, we conducted a thorough audit by crawling the website checking any broken links and implemented strategic changes to optimize its structure. When the structure was finished we made sure these as we call “Money Pages” were not only well-structured but also enriched with high-quality content. As for the rest we focused on outreach for link building aiming to enhance and diversify our link profile. 

C) We initiated Email Campaigns to strengthen the loyalty of existing customers. For some remarkable extra revenue we instructed them on some of our email strategies. We used emails for product launches, reviews, discount offers, and announcements of seasonal events, always carefully segmented for a more targeted overview.

4) Improve & Control: To keep an eye on every change we make and monetize everything we made an additional Dashboard. This way we have an overview of all the Google Ads data, SEO volumes, seasonality campagnes and so on in one place. This is great for optimizing and taking actions as necessary.

Petrebels Succes Story:

As I shared at the start of this post, we saw incredible results from this project which aren’t to be expected every time.

Elevating clients to a new level involves more than just impulsively launching campaigns and throwing money out. It requires a profound understanding of the business and its specific industry nuances. Success lies in the meticulous attention to detail and ensuring alignment between you and the company’s objectives.

It takes hard work to carry this out, but the good news here is that you know this process works, and the effort will be worth it when your website and business flourish as a result.

Good luck! If you follow the steps here you’ll have a great chance of seeing huge performance improvements for your site as well as the increased visibility that comes with it. If you need any more guidance get in touch and we’d love to help you out!